MLP Equestria Girls App
According to the Hasbro presentation from today, the Equestria Girls line (starting with the Friendship Games series) with get a separate app. The app will be comparable to the Friendship Celebration app that is used in combination with the Zapcodes on ponies.
The dolls will get tiny necklaces that contain the Zapcodes, which can be scanned to unlock that specific doll in the app. Even though the codes are small, smartphone cameras should be able to read them according to Zapper:
Unlike a QR code or barcode it can work with a brand’s logo and be printed as small as 8mm in diameter and still work on fixed focal length devices like an iPod touch (they will scan down to 4mm on most auto-focus capable devices).
We don't have any more info on the app itself, only that it will be a separate one. We hope to see a demonstration of the app tomorrow on the NY Toy Fair, even a small glimpse could give us an idea of the things you can do with the ponies and dolls in the apps.

So stay tuned tomorrow for our New York Toy Fair 2015 blogposts!


  1. Human twilight looks adorable.

  2. Ossie Ilona i just found a Picture of the Flash and twi two Pack

  3. Those are adorable :3 I'm really excited to see the new merch

  4. When does this app comes out?! I can't wait to play it!