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MLP Pursey Pink in the Friendship Celebration App
 The Friendship Celebration app has gotten an update and one of our readers noticed something interesting. By the looks of it it seems like some new scannable characters have been added to the app. We already knew Flower Wishes would get a zapcode as seen on her packaging. But another Pony has been added as well called Pursey Pink. She has been listed on Amazon before together with Lot's of other (unknown) listings. At first we thought she perhaps would be part of the second wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection but that one got fully revealed last week. So far the only Ponies to receive Zapcodes are the brushable ones. So there's a very high change we will see Pursey Pink as a brushable soon.

Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

MLP Friendship Celebration Zapcode
Our Zapcode Database has received a complete overhaul after it has been down for several days. We're sorry about the delay, but are happy to have it back online now! Here is the complete list of all updates we have applied:
  • Same style as our regular MLP Merch Databases
  • More info on all the ponies
  • Added Equestria Girls (Friendship Games dolls)
  • Amazon listings for availability info
With the new Zapcode Database you now have more info than ever to get the right brushable or doll to use in the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration and Equestria Girls apps.
We hope you'll enjoy the update!

Canterlot Castle Playset
Hasbro has released the official TV ad for the Canterlot Castle playset on their YouTube channel. The ad is released for the Australian market and links through to the Australian My Little Pony shop, where the castle is being sold for AUD $129.99, which is about USD $100.
While this ad is only for the Australian market at the moment, we expect to see the same (or similar) ad for other markets too when the set will be released
Thanks to Rarity Pie for the info!

Review - Sour Sweet Sporty Style Deluxe Doll
Today we review the brand new Sour Sweet Sporty Style doll, which is part of the latest Equestria Girls series: Friendship Games. With a movie release in fall 2015, this is one of the very first dolls to be released! Be sure to also check out our earlier review of the Rarity School Spirit doll, also from the Friendship Games series.
The matching Equestria Girls app has just been released for Apple devices, and will see an Android release very soon!
You can watch the video review on YouTube, or embedded below:

Equestria Girls App
The Equestria Girls app, the EqG version of the Friendship Celebration app, has been released in the iTunes store for Apple devices. The app requires iOS 6+ to run and seems to be a full 3D world, just like the My Little Pony game from Gameloft. The app requires a 146MB data download, so be sure to download it over Wi-Fi!

In this app you can create your own Equestria Girls avatar to explore Canterlot High and play games. Scanning the Zapcodes of Equestria Girls dolls will unlock that character in the game plus additional accessories for your avatar. Unlocked characters can follow and help you in the game as well.

As neither of us have an Apple device, we'll need to wait for the Android release, which will probably follow in the coming days. Once that app is out we'll be sure to post an in-depth review of the app, just like we did with the Friendship Celebration app!

Thanks to Andrea and everyone else for sending this in!

MLP Friendship Celebration App Review
The MLP Friendship Celebration App was first announced at the NY Toy Fair of 2015 and about a week ago the app was first spotted in the Google Play store, but lacked worldwide availability. As of yesterday, the app seems to be available everywhere.
This is the first of two interactive apps that will be launched for the My Little Pony series, as the Equestria Girls will get a separate app too. Both apps will work with Zapcodes, as you might have heard before. In case you didn't: The Zapcodes are little QR-like codes that are printed on the ponies or necklaces for the Equestria Girls dolls. These Zapcodes have a dotted line around them, which are unique for each character and release (so not for each individual pony). The MLP Friendship Celebration and Equestria Girls app can read those codes and see what pony you're trying to scan, and you'll be able to use that pony in the app.

Friendship Games Sporty Style Deluxe Twilight Sparkle
A few weeks back we found the first official images of the Friendship Games dolls, and now the first few are already available on Amazon! This includes the first waves of Sporty Style Deluxe and School Spirit dolls. These are the very first dolls to come with Zapcode necklaces, but the Equestria Girls app is not available yet. The Sporty Style Deluxe dolls are $21.99 each and the School Spirit sets are being sold at $14.99. So far I've not heard of any in-store availability, so this might be the first chance to get a Friendship Games doll in the US! (Thanks to jskr76 for the info!)

Below we have all the listings of the currently available dolls:

18 comments Releases Zapcodes Database
We're happy to announce that directly at the release of the MLP Friendship Celebration app, we've released our MLP Zapcodes Database!
In this brand new database you can find all currently known Zapcodes to unlock ponies in the Friendship Celebration app. Just select the pony you want and scan the Zapcode with the app!
Right at the launch we've already prepared 18 Zapcodes. These Zapcodes are custom rendered so that the codes are clearly readable, much better than loose images.

So far we've not been able to test the Zapcodes ourselves as the app is for North America only. If you're able to download the app, feel free to let us know whether the codes work or not!

My Little Pony Friendship Celebration App
Just before and on the New York Toy Fair of 2015 we came to know more about the heart symbols that were placed on the hooves of new Cutie Mark Magic ponies. And today, the app that can read the heart symbols (Zapcodes) and turn your physical ponies into virtual friends has been released: My Little Pony Friendship Celebration!
In this app you can host parties, play with your ponies and add your Cutie Mark Magic ponies into the game, a bit like Skylanders and Amiibos! The app also mentions multiplayer options and loads of games that are included. Below we have a list of some official screenshots.

Ribbon Hair Nurse Redheart Gets Zapcode
When we initially found the Ribbon Hair Nurse Redheart brushable we were confused about the missing Zapcode. The other Ribbon Hair brushables did in fact already have the Zapcodes printed on them. Turns out that just like the first Equestria Girls Archery Dolls we found, the code simply hasn't been printed yet. A new Taobao find, shown in the images, confirms that.
And now we mention the Zapcodes again: We're making some great progress on our Zapcode simulator and making all Zapcodes available in high quality. We'll soon release the update in our MLP Brushables Database and hopefully soon test it out with the Friendship Celebration app!