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Poppin' Pinkie Pie Game
Hasbro has released images of the Poppin' Pinkie Pie Game which is set to release Fall 2015! We first saw this game as a listing on Amazon, and a few days later it was confirmed at the London Toy Fair. As you can see, this game will also contain a Zapcode which will unlock Pinkie Pie (or perhaps a special version) in the upcoming Friendship Celebration App. We've also got a price confirmed now: $19.99 as the suggested retail price.
Below we have the full description and as a bonus a very exclusive look at the prototype image of this game!
Thanks to Wardah for the info!
Nothing gets PINKIE PIE more excited than a surprise party! Help her get ready by taking turns decorating her cake with balloons. When PINKIE PIE pops out of the cake on your turn ...surprise! You win! Scan PINKIE PIE’s special code to unlock more fun in the MY LITTLE PONY app.
Available at major retailers nationwide and
Poppin' Pinkie Pie Game

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