Friendship Celebration App GuideFriendship Celebration App Guide
About 2 weeks ago we reported on what the QR (now known as Zapcodes) on Cutie Mark Magic ponies will look like. In the mean time we've spotted some more releases and now we also have an official 'guide' from Hasbro. The 3-step guide shows the icon of the upcoming Friendship Celebration App and confirms the usage of codes to unlock characters in the game. According to the screen mockup the ponies can later be dressed up. The guide also mentions 'Play', but what sort of games are available is currently unknown.

On the second image we see that single ponies will get Zapcodes too, so it won't only be the large playsets that are required to unlock ponies in the app. And lastly, below, we have an official render of the Zapcodes that will be used on the ponies. I don't know whether the code mentioned below actually will unlock something in the app or that it's just a dummy test code.

We'll keep you all informed on the latest news regarding the Zapcodes and the Friendship Celebration App, so keep an eye out on our homepage for more news!


  1. I just wanna know what the app does. If it's some app where you just collect all the characters for bragging rights, then I'll pass, but the Transformers and Littlest Pet Shop versions were actual games, so maybe this is too?

  2. I'm really curious on what this app will be.

  3. we can see a little bit of the new cutie mark magic brushables, it seems they have streak of fabric hair much like the styling strands, or maybe it is thick streamers like the G1 birthday pony ( a perpsective i really like, they reboot some older ponies in their upcoming playsckool pones so maybe a reminder a the 10th anniversary pony is not that far fetched and that's a feature never reused so far so it's would be verry cool)