MLP Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection Blind Bag
This morning we reported that a Maud Pie blind bag has been spotted on Ebay. There's a high change she's part of the Friendship is Magic Collection. Seems like that's almost a 100% confirmed as she was also listed on Amazon a while ago. She does have the word "doll" behind her name but this was also the case with the first Friendship is Magic Collection Singles.

In addition to Maud Pie it seems like even more FiM collection Blind Bags are starting to appear on both Ebay and Taobao. This time it's especially Taobao as 2 new Pinkie Pie's have been spotted and a Mrs. Cake. It's unsure how they will be packaged but they both look adorable in my opinion. Let's hope more of them will appear soon as well. We will keep you updated.

Thanks to Vinícius for the heads up!

MLP Mrs. Cake Friendship is Magic Collection Blind BagMLP Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection Blind Bag


  1. Aww, that Pinkie Pie with balloons looks very cute!

  2. Love the mrs cake blind bag figurine and the two pinkies ❤