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MLP Friendship is Magic #35 by IDW Regular Cover by Sara RichardMLP Friendship is Magic #35 by IDW Blank Subscription Variant Cover
Today the second part of the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" Story arc has been released. This is also the 35th issue of the MLP FiM Comic series to be released as well. It's going fast isn't it? This issue has a total of 4 covers:
  • The Regular Cover made by Sara Richard
  • A blank subscription variant cover
  • A Retailer Incentive Variant made by Andy Price
  • A Hot Topic variant made by Tony Fleecs (Not on website yet)
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"Siege of the Crystal Empire," Part 2! The mystery antagonist reveals the next stage in a diabolical scheme! Will our ponies be able to uncover what role Sombra is meant to play before it's too late?

MLP Friendship is Magic #35 by IDW Retailer Incentive Cover by Andy PriceMLP Friendship is Magic #35 by IDW Hot Topic Cover by Tony Fleecs

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