MLP Hasbro Pop (Pony Pop) Rainbow Dash Wing Kit
Not long ago we found some new Hasbro Pop Ponies on Taobao showing that the Hasbro Pop line would sort off get a reboot because of the new packaging. Today new Wing Kits have been spotted as well. By the looks of it it seems like these are made from a thin plastic/paper and it also comes with some markers so you can decorate the wings. Only Rarity and Rainbow Dash have been found. Kinda strange why Rarity is included though...

No other information yet. We will keep you updated.


  1. They look weird... I want them. XD
    Why there's breezie on that pen thing? I don't like breezies...

  2. Very cool these mlp pop kits come with markers I'm definitely going for it !

  3. Rarity's there because she got wings in the Sonic Rainboom episode