MLP Possible Equestria Girls Mini/Vinyl Figures Teaser
The New York Comic Con is only 2 days away. And it seems like Hasbro is going to reveal something during the con. We don't know what exactly. By the looks of it it will be some sort of figure like the Monster High Vinyl figures. I don't know if some of you remember the fact that listings for Equestria Girls Mini figures has appeared on Amazon some months ago. Perhaps these are the figures. As for the character. There's a very high change it's Twilight but it could be somebody else as well. What about the girl that was revealed on the Legend of Everfree image?

A lot of questions to answer but I'm sure we'll know them within a few days during the NYCC. Have the official description from the Hasbro Pulse Website below.

Thanks to Wardah for the heads up!

Everypony is so excited for New York Comic Con and the Equestria Girls have a secret that’s too cute to keep! The big reveal isn’t until New York Comic Con, but we managed to persuade them to give the Hasbro Pulse an image to tease the fans with. What could this image possibly mean??
Who is that, and how does she fit into the future of Equestria Girls? Find out at New York Comic Con!


  1. There are more Equestria Girls: Friendship Mini dolls popping up at Amazon btw but they love spelling mistakes.


  2. Equestria Girls minis? If they're Equestria Girls blind bags then sign me up! Maybe they can make background EG characters.

    1. That would be cool if they come out with eq girls minis then they could make cool background characters i definitely agree with this

  3. Equestria girls minis if they are blind bags I'm definitely going to buy them!

  4. Hmm....Personally I wouldn't buy EQ Blind Bags...Then again I said that about the MLP ones till I got a few a while ago...I want Funko or somone to make then like they do with MLP!