MLP CCG Marks in Time Expansion Announced
At last the 7th expansion for the My Little Pony CCG has been officially announced on the Enterplay Facebook page and it's named: "Marks in Time" and it looks like this one will focus on the CMC as well as Starlight Glimmer. This set will be released on the 20th of May. Have some of the details below!

Mark your calendars and meet us on May 20th for the new expansion of My Little Pony CCG! "Marks in Time" is the third expansion set of MLP: CCG Block 2, and features the awe-inspiring time travel magic of Starlight Glimmer, plenty of powerful pony figures from Equestria's past, plus many of your favorite ponIes as foals making history and earning their cutie marks!

  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders each wIth individual Mane Character and Super Rare Friend cards
  • 2 new gameplay keywords that change the way you play - more details to come!
  • The debut of Starlight Glimmer as Mane Character and Friend cards
  • 5 new color combinations on dual-color cards, rounding out all 15 across Block 2
  • The return of Token cards, the next 5 Song cards, and so much more!

Coming with Set 7 of MLP: CCG is the new "Make Your Mark" Draft Pack. Each includes one of the foil Cutie Mark Crusader Mane Characters cards, along with 4 booster packs of MLP: CCG. Pick up all three to complete your collection and try out the game-changing fun of Draft Format - more details to come!


  1. I don't collect these but STARLIGHT GLIMMER!!!!hmmmmmm

  2. It would be really cool if Starlight's Mane Character Card Started with her with her equal sign cutie mark, and then Boosted to a picture of her at the point in "Friends are Always There for You" when they all jump!