MLP Explore Equestria Pursey Pink Brushable at TRU Canada
First of all... about this thing  APRIL FOOLS'! Don't worry, the ponies will all stay the same for the upcoming years :) (until G5 happens) But I hope you all enjoyed our little joke.
So to return to our normal post. Good news for those in Canada as the Pursey Pink Brushable has been spotted at Toys'R'Us Hamilton in Ontario. It looks like the rest of this wave has been found as well which includes Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, Rarity also belongs to this wave but she hasn't been found. 
Now I bet there are people wondering if she will come to the US as well since the Ribbon Hair Starlight for example, didn't get to the US, at least not in the big chain stores. Pursey Pink is also part of the second wave of the "bow" brushables and she has been spotted in Canada at TRU, the same place where the Ribbon Starlight Glimmer has been found as well...

Let's still hope for those in the US that she will be available there as well. If you see her please let us know and we'll post about it.

Thanks to firefly277 for the heads up and image!

Update: Pursey Pink has also been spotted in Mexico for 115 pesos (thanks to Kevin)!
Pursey Pink Found in Mexico


  1. Hope I will get in Finald soon. because Bow tie ponies are replaced in stores,with cutie mark magic singles now :|

  2. :( I want Pursey Pink to show up in the US not Canada!

    1. My walmart had the bowtie starlight glimmer but they sold out of her for easter weeks ago and my local toys r us had starlight glimmer but I'm going to buy me a starlight glimmer brushile pony.

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  3. i've seen the ribbon hair starlight and i'm from the us