Possible MLP Rebranding Coming Soon?
A recent presentation from Hasbro for investor has revealed the use of a new logo for the My Little Pony franchise. The new logo uses white text with a blue border, compared to pink on white that is in use now. The colors used in the 'rainbow' also have a little change with 4 shades instead of 3, and slightly different colors too.
Those who follow MLP news might notice that the logo looks like the recently released My Little Pony The Movie logo, but the logo used in the presentation has smaller borders and is not as glossy as the logo of the movie. You can see a comparison of the current logo (left), the logo used in the presentation (center) and the logo announced for the 2017 movie (right).
The meaning of the new logo is, and whether it will ever be officially used, is unsure at the moment and wasn't further explained in the presentation. The first thing that comes to mind is that Hasbro wants the MLP brand to become more gender neutral, with less usage of pink, just like we see in the Guardians of Harmony line. But that is of course just speculation, and we hope to have more news soon.

MLP Logo Comparison


  1. I really like this logo, if they wanna rebrand mlp I wait they preserve all the characters and only change the logo

    1. I also like the new mlp logo too!

  2. It actually is the same as used in the Guardians of Harmony linne, only that it is without the "Friendship is Magic" part.

  3. The Flip N Whirl Rainbow Dash. Isn't that girly? (sarcasm)