MLP Explore Equestria Sapphire Shores Fashion Style FigureMLP Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer Fashion Style Figure
Hasbro showed various new Fashion Styles at the NY Toy Fair this year, including wave 1 of the Explore Equestria figures: Starlight Glimmer and Sapphire Shores. The original release date was set for this fall, but apparently late June counts as fall too for Hasbro.
Found in a toy store in Singapore, these are sure to make a lot of people happy who couldn't wait since the original announcement.
Starlight Glimmer comes with very colorful clothing, including a skirt, two shirts, a hat and some more accessories, while Sapphire Shores gets her famous outfit plus a big eccentric headpiece and an additional shirt.
As these are found in Singapore it usually takes a little while before they hit the US and Europe, so count on another week or 2 before these are available.
Thanks to Joelle for the photos!


  1. I spotted these in a Toys "r" Us in London, Ontario (Canada) two days ago. I bought both of them and their hair is a bit silkier than other fashion styles.

    The clothing clips together, but doesn't like to stay on. I can see a lot of kids losing the pieces to these easily.

  2. And once Singapore gets all the good mlp merch first and it takes a while for the new mlp merch to hit the us and Europe that's no fair well i still can't wait to get both fashion style ponies i like sapphire shores out fit i don't like starlight glimmers out fit and now Canada has them both o come on let the us get good new mlp merch for once!

    1. Should be pretty much logcial that Asian countries always get merch first considering it has to be shipped from Hasbro's factories in China.

  3. I saw Sapphire Shores with us already in Poland. ^-^

  4. Let me know when it ships 2 the US ok

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