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MLP Friends Forever Volume 8 Paperback
Looks like a new Paperback for the Friends Forever comics series has arrived. The 8th issue will contain issues #29 - #33. The cover is Retailer Incentive variant of #33 and made by Trish Forstner. You can pre-order this issue now for $19.99 and it will be released on February 21, 2017

Pre-order it here!

Five tales of friends and fun! Rarity tries to help Maud Pie discover her inner enthusiasm; Twilight visits Cadance in the Crystal Empire; Little Strongheart asks Rainbow Dash to go on a quest with her; Fluttershy meet the most adventerous adventurer ever: Daring Do; and, Applejack must discover the secret history of Cherry Jubilee! Collects issues #29–33.

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