Wave 16 Releasing Next Week on Amazon US
For those who have been waiting for wave 16 to get out in the US should only have to wait one more week. The Amazon listing has been updated and the first boxes are going out on October 17, plus pre-orders for that date can now be placed. Do mind that at this moment you can only get the full box of 24 figures in one order, and not the loose blind bags you might expect. Also, the listing strangely enough has the image of wave 17 blind bags instead of the wave 16 blind bags.
If (and when) any physical stores are going to sell the wave 16 blind bags in the US remains a mystery, but perhaps this first shipment is a good indication that it won't be long.
Thanks to April for the info!


  1. Nice. I'll probably start checking my Target again soon, as Target tends to be the first one to get new blind bags.

    1. Same here I'm checking my local target also to Look for the wave 16 blind bags
      Anyway you're right target always gets the new mlp blind bags first anyway good luck on finding wave 16 blind bags at your local target.

    2. And good luck to you too, Amy. :)

    3. Lets both hope target gets the wave 16 blind bags in