Review + Giveaway - MLP Box (December)
Starting this month we'll be reviewing the MLP Box more often! The MLP Box is a monthly subscription box filled with official My Little Pony merchandise. You can subscribe to the MLP Box to receive it every month for only $9.99 + shipping and you'll get a surprise selection of MLP merchandise every month.
Interested in what the MLP Box may contain? This time we've received the December 2016 MLP Box, which had a big surprise for us! Check our video on YouTube or embedded below for the full review!

Every month we'll also give one free MLP Box away! Those who will enter our monthly giveaway get a chance to win the next month's box for free. Below are all the ways you can enter our giveaway and we'll pick the winner on February 3rd, 2017.

Giveaway Note: Be sure that we're able to reach you when you win! On Facebook you might need to check your 'Other'-inbox, on Tumblr you need your ask-box open and Twitter users need to enable direct messaging. We'll send the winner a private message and wait for 3 days. If we do not get a reply in time we will have to pick another winner!


  1. Hi MLPMERCH!So i was going through google images and came across what seems to be a new DJ-Pon3 FIM Collection figure:

    I'm not exactly sure what she is, i only found the image but when i clicked the link, it only sent me to the Toys R Us site, not the listing.:

    1. Also came across sapphire shores :/ http://www.br.dk//cdn.top-toy.com//~/media/Images/53/9/7/MY-LITTLE-PONY-Friendship-is-Magic-figur-533959-1428397.ashx?bc=Transparent&as=1&h=1024

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    3. APPLEJACK: http://cdn.top-toy.com//~/media/Images/53/0/0/MY-LITTLE-PONY-Friendship-is-Magic-figur-533959-1428400.ashx?bc=Transparent&as=1&h=357&w=489

      I also came across this site with all of them, plus the packages: