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Last week we asked you how far away you live from your favorite merch store. It was awesome to hear a bit about the stores in your area, and as the poll shows most people live pretty close to the toy stores they'd like to visit. Apart from a 32% group that doesn't have a favorite merch store the majority (35%) lives within a 5 miles radius. And 6% of those even live within walking distance, awesome! Sadly the group of people who have to travel over 50 miles for their favorite store is slightly bigger at 7%.

This week we'd like to know whether you read MLP books, and how often. Last week we released a big update on upcoming books and the amount of views on that post is great so far, so we wonder how many people are actually interested! As usual, feel free to leave a comment below if you have specific preferences for MLP books or want to share your favorites.
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  1. I just read the comic books normally.

  2. I have quite a few and would like to read all the story/chapter or other ones that actually provide something new (as opposed to the very-little-kiddie ones that just reiterate episodes and things you already know.) Trouble is, I only need to read them once. I don't want to keep a physical or digital copy; that's just a waste. And many of the Kindle prices I've seen on individual little-kid chapter books are ridiculous. So Idk, I just wish there were a better way to do it, and to get books in general...8\
    I read the comics; they're cool. Although I assume even they aren't officially canon...

    1. Well if you want to read them just once then why not read the books at the bookstore and then put them back once you're finished? Seems like your best option, since you don't want to buy the books or download them.