MLP Princess Skystar MLP The Movie Brushable
We just found out about the Tempest Shadow figure that was coming soon. But now Kristin Chenoweth and Sia have shared images of their characters in merchandise form. Well there was no sign of Hair on Tempest Shadow we can clearly see that both Princess Skystar and Songbird Serenade will be released as brushables, Songbird Serenade will be released with the new open-mouth Reboot Series Brushable mold and Princess Skystar... well she's a brand new species so a specific mold was expected, still they look both amazing.

Stay tuned for more new these days. It will be a busy weekend. ;)

MLP Songbird Serenade MLP The Movie Brushable


  1. And now we got a set from the movie.

  2. Okay, those are cute.... I likely won't get the pegasus, partially just because she won't fit in with my collection.... but the mermare is too cute.