Starlight Glimmer Plush Coming March 9 to Australian Build-a-Bear
Early December 2016 a concept of a Build-a-Bear Starlight Glimmer was spotted, but after that it's been pretty quiet around anything Build-a-Bear. Up until this week that is, as the Australian branch of BaB sent out a promotional mail to their subscribers about the official release of the Starlight Glimmer plush on the 9th of March.
While this day is only valid of Australian stores, it is very common that BaB releases new figures in multiple countries around the same day/week. So there is some hope that the US, UK and other countries will not have to wait much longer than that!
Thanks to Michael for the info!


  1. OK I was about to say

  2. I saw these at Toys R Us today in the US:

    Additonal Info:
    *they are from a candy company called flix candy
    *$3.99 each

  3. Hi! I track the Build-a-Bear release dates, and the US usually gets bears 1 or 2 days before the Australian site (although this doesn't always occur) so keep an eye out! As a huge fan of Starlight Glimmer (of course she's a favorite!), I can't wait to get this bear! My only concern is...her cape/dress. If you look at the bit of pattern we could see from that ad...it reminds me of Rarity's CM! Hmm...

    1. Also, I'm so excited, I just picked up Rainbow Dash from my local store lately! So far, my MLPBABW collection consists of: Trixie, Twilight, Cadance, DJ/Vinyl, Luna, Celestia, Derpy, Minty, and Rainbow Dash! Thankfully, I have enough cash to get Starlight when she releases. I can't believe how many they've made...

    2. Starlight comes out next week in USA stores. I work for build a bear so I would know. xD

    3. Thank you so much! I'm so excited :)

  4. She comes out this upcoming week! (I work for bab so I would know) lol

  5. I just realized, the dress she's wearing is the dress Rarity had her try on during the S5 finale song!