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Last week we asked you how often you wear MLP-related gear. Overall most of you sometimes wear something, but most people only rarely wear anything with 21% voting 1-2/month and 14% only dressing up for a special occasion like a convention. 12% of you wears something every day and another 16% goes out in MLP gear on a weekly basis. The other 37% does not own MLP clothing.

This week we'd like to know when you read new articles we post on our blog. Some people might visit MLPMerch.com everyday, but others might wait on social media for a notification of a new article. Whichever it is, please let us know your primary way to stay up-to-date with our articles. Missing an option? Feel free to select 'Other' and let us know in the comments!
You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.


  1. Voted other as I usually visit via mlpmerch.com itself, but I'll also go through Twitter or Instagram. Also, owning a flip phone (yes, I still use one), I have Twitter set to use SMS, so I have mobile notifications on.

    As for the last poll. I wonder if many don't wear MLP clothing because it's "hard to find" for them. Most stores I shop in, they only have MLP shirts for little girls sizes only, while online has sizes for everyone (I know not everyone shops online).

    Just was on my mind. Personally online is my only option for shirts. Though I do like it when Target or Kohl's site gets an adult sized MLP shirt, I always order those ASAP in hopes more sales leads to these stores selling them more (also submit it as news in hopes others find out).

  2. 'Tis quite easy; I track the tweets and read 'em as they pop up. ;)
    And most of my pony shirts & accessories are from We Love Fine.

  3. I check the website about 20 times a day for news! ALso, a teaser trailer of the MLP 2017 movie has been released, showing a bit of the animation! (Note: The head artist claimed the shading had been messed up in the trailer, and the animation will look "much better" in the actual movie)