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Store Finds: Rings, Easter Basket & Creative Stuff
This week we only have items from a single person (thank you very much, Sugarberry!), but we did end up with one of the biggest store finds post to date! All items have been found in the US at Toys"R"Us and Meijer. Not all items might be new, but we're quite sure most of them are because of the use of the new MLP logo.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Easter Stuff

Easter is around the corner, and of course this comes with seasonal license merch! The metal eggs are from TRU and the foam balls and Easter Basket (with hard candy and headset with bag) are from Meijer.
MLP Easter Eggs at TRU

MLP Foam Easter Balls at Meijer

MLP Easter Basket at MeijerMLP Easter Basket at Meijer

US - Lollipop Rings

At Toys"R"Us you can now get these lollipop rings with faces of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle (the regular trio). One pack contains all three, but it's a bit vague whether the faces are the actual lollipop or if it's a plastic cover you can save.
MLP Lollipop Rings at TRU

US - Creative Stuff at Toys"R"Us

This is just too much to comment on piece by piece, but there are some pretty cool items like a scratch pages, brite-lite and many items with a new logo!
MLP 3D Color-in Art at TRUMLP Color Play Create Art at TRU

MLP Color Activity Storage Bin Set at TRUMLP Sticker by Number Set at TRU

MLP Friend Me at TRUMLP Color Your Own Stickers at TRU

MLP Lite-Brite at TRUMLP Stamp Art Studio at TRU

MLP Magic Art Scratchers at TRUMLP Stamp Design Set at TRU

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  1. I found a color it in yourself tee shirt at Michaels for five dollars with pinkie, fluttershy, and rarity on it.