Store Finds: Principal Celestia & Spike Plush
We have quite a small store finds post today, but some info we want to get out nonetheless! All submits are from US Target stores, so be sure to check your local Target for new merch the coming days!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - EqG Minis Principal Celestia

MLP Store Finds - Equestria Girls Minis Principal Celestia
I'm not sure if these are very new, but the set got a confirmed release at Target in the US for $19.99 (or get it on Amazon if you prefer online shopping). This set is part of the first wave of reboot figures with a brand new box design and also the first actual Equestria Girls Minis release of Princess (or Principal) Celestia.
(Thanks to Felipe)

US - Hasbro Spike Plush

MLP Store Finds - Hasbro Spike PlushMLP Store Finds - Hasbro Spike Plush
Also at Target is the release of Hasbro's 12" Spike plush. He's available for $12.99, but remember that not every store might have him in stock yet.
(Thanks to Samantha)
MLP Store Finds - Hasbro Spike PlushMLP Store Finds - Hasbro Spike Plush


  1. I got the princess celestia set like 2 months ago.

  2. I really thought Vice Principal Luna would be with the Principal Celestia set.

  3. I found, and bought, Spike about 3 weeks to a month ago at Target.

  4. New Hasbro mini plush out at Meijer--the characters of Spike, Trixie & Starlight Glimmer have been added to the Mane Six; the freshly opened box contained Mane Six and 3 ea. Spike, 2 ea. Trixie, 1 ea. Starlight. I believe the Meijer chain is mainly in the US Midwest; did see the larger new Hasbro plush at Target, though, along with a few of the larger MLP: The Movie toy sets.