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MLP The Movie Trading Cards Set Coming Later This Year
Enterplay is on a roll at the moment, as they didn't only show a new CCG set, new dog tags and brand new LED hangers, as of today news is out that we're going to see an official MLP The Movie trading cards set.
It has only been a few weeks that Series 4 is officially out, and the packaging doesn't directly mention "Series 5", and the size is more in line with the Equestrian Friends set, which featured far less cards than the regular waves. Though, each pack does include the regular amount of 8 items, just as much as the regular series.

Like usual these packs are filled with various card types and finishes, this time around we'll see foil cards, gold foil cards, "special finish" cards and concept art cards. Below we have a list of all the items that you can get from these packs, with a ratio of 6 cards, 1 standee/sticker and 1 tattoo per pack:
72 Base Trading Cards
“Making Of” Cards (Concepts, sketches, story boards, etc.)
27 Foil Cards
Gold Foils (1:24 packs) – 4 to collect
Box Toppers – 4 to collect
12 Standees
12 Tattoos
Special Finish Cards
Expect these to be online and possibly in stores around September/October. At this moment only ToyWiz has pre-orders for them.

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