My Little Pony the Movie Seaquestria & Beyond Set CCG 2-player card Game
I'm sure most of you have seen the newest trailer for the movie. What did you think of it? I like the new more dynamic and fluent animation style and to see the other characters finally in action as well! To stay in the theme of the movie, Toywiz has listed some interesting new CCG items. The first one is a Movie themed Base Kit with a Playmat and possible two different decks to play the game. The other listing is one for the booster packs which will be called: Seaquestria and Beyond.
According to Toywiz these items will arrive this October. Have the listings below!

Fans have been waiting for years and finally My Little Pony: The Movie arrives this fall, along with this incredibly exciting next expansion of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game -- Seaquestria and Beyond! This hot new set expands gameplay and strategy and includes amazing new cards featuring memorable new scenes and characters from the blockbuster movie, including new Mane Characters of new Movie stars! New keywords will change the way players think about deckbuilding, Friend Cards and Events will remind players and collectors of their favorite parts of the Movie, and foil Super and Royal Rares will drop jaws!
Over 140 new cards
New Mane Character cards featuring characters from MLP: The Movie!
New Keywords for Strategic Play
New Friends, Events, Songs, and more from MLP: The Movie!
Look for Royal Rares and Super Rares
My Little Pony the Movie Seaquestria & Beyond Set CCG


  1. OH! This seems like it would be and interesting card pack, because in stead of just more and more filler ponies, we could get sea ponies and new villains to!