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Series 4 MLP Trading Cards Special - Scans, Unboxing & Contest Winners
After Ilona's card ending up in the Series 4 Fan(tastic) Art line of cards we were fortunate enough to receive a full Booster Box of trading cards! To celebrate this all we've made this special post will all info on the trading cards, including an unboxing video of the booster box, we've updated our Enterplay Database with images of almost all Series 4 Trading Cards and have a list of all fan art cards that are featured in this series as a congratulation to the winners.

Series 4 Trading Cards Booster Box Opening

In this 3-part series we open the booster box which we've received from Enterplay:

Signed Crystal Clear Rarity Giveaway

Ilona is giving away 5 signed copies of her personal Crystal Clear Rarity card to celebrate! Be sure to check out our giveaway that's open until the 30th of July, 2017.

Series 4 Trading Cards Listings

Series 4 Trading Cards Fan(tastic) Art Contest Winners

We'd like to congratulate all artists who's cards were featured in the series 4 trading cards set! Below we have all the card and artist names, and the art of all cards can be found on the Fan(tastic) Art page in our database. Some foil ones are still empty since we didn't get them. If you know the winners let us know!

#55 Darkness Reigns - Holly C., North Corolina, USA
#56 Twilight's Book Fort - Sonofaskywalker, California, USA
#57 Archaeological Find - Samoth-Lion, Pennsylvania, USA
#58 Maud's Pie - Trista C. New Jersey, USA
#59 Crystal Clear Rarity, Ilona, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
#60 Sunrise and Sunset - Taz Sylvia, New York, USA
#61 Little Bundle of Joy, Maxie M., Michigan, USA
#62 Back to the Drawing Board - Ida H., Northerm Ostrobothnia, Finland
#63 Princess of Friendships - Yeppoh, Pays De La Loire, France
#64 Dolling Up Some Applejack - Cazra, Tennessee, USA
#65 Bad Cat-titude - Savannah D., Washinton, USA
#66 Rarity's Inspiration Room - Ryne Kinler, Louisiana, USA
#67 To the Moon and Beyond - Cenit, Tamaulipes, Mexico
#68 Muffins for Two - Faith Star 1121, New York, USA
#69 So Dashin! - Lilan C., Ontario, Canada
#70 A Hat Trick - SallinDaemon, Surrey, United Kingdom
#71 Take the Plunge - Trish F., Maryland, USA
#72 Going Batty - Donika Cally Schovina, Czech Republic
#73 Twilight's Private Collection - Maria M., California, USA
#74 Stealing Your Heart - Hexfloog, Virfinia, USA
#75 The Magic in her Heart - Tiffany C., New Jersey, USA
#76 A Welcome Surprise - Pirill, Romania
#77 Awesome Meal Time - ApricotLemon, Shizuoka, Japan
#78 Some "Me" Time - Auroriia, Colorado, USA
#79 I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong! - Valerie L., Wisconsin, USA
#80 Banished - Lunar-White-Wolf, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
#81 Chimicherrychangas - Cara L., Delaware, USA
#82 A Rosie Dispostion - Left2Fail, Ohio, USA
#83 Power Pony Up - Felipe R., Germany
#84 A Night on the Town - GlitterClamOpera, New York, USA
#85 It's Your Birthday! - KomaSora, New York, USA
#86 In the Pinkie Rainforest - Pinkie_Opo, California, USA

#F19 Festival Rarity -
#F20 The Dark Moon Rises - Ashli L., Pennsylvania, USA
#F21 Encore, Encore! -
#F22 Nightmarity - Keishinkae, Texas, USA
#F23 Critical Hit -
#F24 Picture Perfect - H. Ruff Washinton, USA
#F25 Spin That Record - Dallas G. Saskatchewan, Canada
#F26 Nightmare Star - Feathers, British Columbia, Canada
#F27 Welcome to the Family - A.J.D. Pennsylvania, USA

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