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First Wave of All About Brushables Now Available
New merch is going out at an incredible rate right now, both online and in stores. Today is no exception with the Amazon listings of the Wave 1 All About Brushables, which are now available in limited stock.
These regular sized brushables come with painted on still from the show that match the personality of the pony. We've already gotten some of them, and the look great!
Below are the available ponies in Wave 1 and their Amazon listings. But keep in mind that the current batch is quite limited in stock!

Listings ($6.99 each):

- MLP The Movie All About Big McIntosh
- MLP The Movie All About DJ Pon-3
- MLP The Movie All About Fluttershy
- MLP The Movie All About Pinkie Pie
- MLP The Movie All About Rainbow Dash
- MLP The Movie All About Starlight Glimmer

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  1. They are up on Hasbrotoyshop.com and they have free shipping in this month, ordered starlight glimmer yesterday, missing others as.I got all other characters with friendship feltival pack