MLP The Movie Brushables Songbird Serenade, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash
Some great announcements by Entertainment Earth today! Above we start directly with a new wave of brushables, including the first Songbird Serenade single brushable, which will not be a Target exclusive, and new All About brushables from Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie. And by the way, this is the same Pinkie Pie as the one being released in the HASCON MLP Box, so it turns out to not be an exclusive figure.

Another new announcement is that of a new two-pack wave, which so far only included the Friendship Moments and Sweet Celebrations sets. The new (3rd) wave is going to feature three brand new combos:
- Pinkie Pie & Princess Skystar
- Twilight Sparkle & Songbird Serenade
- Rarity & Capper Dapperpaws (which is the first official note of his family name)

Further info on the set contents are not available, but we hope to be able to share photos of the set soon, so stay tuned!

The single brushables have an expected release date of September and the two-packs are coming in October. If you want to be one of the first people to get these figures then you can pre-order them at Entertainment Earth with the links below.
- My Little Pony Friends Mini-Figures Wave 5 Set
- My Little Pony Friends Mini-Figures Wave 5 Case
- My Little Pony Friendship Pack Figures Wave 3


  1. In the announced waves in Entertainment earth they have wave 3, and then jump to the 5th, wave 4 is the one with Soaring.
    I hope they dont skip it and then become a hard to find wave 😕

  2. glad Songbird Serenade is a single brushable. or I'm wrong?

  3. Oh? This is unexpected. Once again, Hasbro continues to recycle the same tired old characters...Cheerilee is somewhat exciting? But I couldn't have been the only one wishing for new ponies. What's the problem with them making an Octavia? Why can't they make the CMC? Why not any of the Equal 4? We know all of those ponies are showing up in the movie, so why can't Hasbro make them? Ugh...

    And lol at Capper's name. I thought he would be a GoH exclusive, guess not. This is only adding fuel to the fire that is the conspiracy theory that Capper and Rarity are gonna be shipped HARD in the movie.

    1. I really want Snowcatcher with new mold,minty and holly dash! They are forever forgotten now :(

    2. I know! For all the crap they get thrown at them, I really did like the HasbrOC's. Even if they won't make background ponies, I really would appreciate it if Hasbro would make other ponies besides the Mane 6. Yeah, I get it, they're your main characters and they need to be on store shelves at all times, I understand, but would it KILL you to at least make one wave where not a SINGLE Mane 6 pony is included? You can make the first wave all Mane 6 and the second one is fair game. They'll never listen, but trust me, it would make them a whole lot of money if that was the case.

    3. I'm gonna be honest, I wouldn't care if they dropped the other two Pinkie and Rainbow brushables from this first wave. The ones here are a lot better, as they are actually in brand new poses (for the character), and not just in repeated sculpts like the other ones.

  4. Also, PLEASE MAKE A SHOW ACCURATE LUNA! We have been waiting for YEARS for a Season 2-present Luna brushable to be released in stores. They've made a proper one in the FiM collection so I really don't get why they can't make one now. Yeah, I get it, we needed a purple princess because just like pink, purple sells. Back in 2012 we didn't have a purple princess so it kind of made sense to give her the purpleish pink color scheme, but now Twilight is a princess. What gives? Does royal blue not sell with little girls? Because I know tons of little girls who go CRAZY over Luna! They like her more than they like Cadance! So what's the hold up Hasbro?

    Yeah yeah, I know Luna has absolutely nothing to do with this post lmao but I need SOMEWHERE to rant.

    1. Apparently, navy blue just doesn't sell well. But that's the problem, why can't Hasbro just have test products in mlp? Twilight, Bon Bon, Luna, many characters have gone without the corrrect navy blue color just because of that stereotype. They need to learn that as time changes, people change. I know a lot of kids nowadays that love dark colors but hate pink and purple girly colors. Like I said, they need to try using test products. Make a Twilight Sparkle or Luna single and if it sells just as equally well or even better, continue producing it. Give us show-accurate toys for once hasbro! You've got the sculpts, now get the coloring and eye designs right!

  5. Good to know I'm not the only one who got bored by the mane six...yes, I love them, but they've always been everywhere, naturally. I had a lot of fun collecting all the blind bag characters and many brushables who're either background ponies, or have never even appeared in the show at all. So many of their designs and names are awesome. It's very possible they just didn't sell well enough, so Hasbro greatly reduced their amount of non-main-character toys. But I wanted them to go back and at least release Wave 2 of the blind-bags (most of those were impossible for me to get because for some reason they'd only been sold in the UK originally)...as well as brushables I wanted but couldn't get (such as Plumsweet, Lulu Luck, Snowcatcher, Diamond Rose, Rainbow Flash, Lemony Gem, Twist-a-Loo, Flitterheart, etc. Other great choices would include Treehugger, Limestone & Marble Pie, Inky Rose, Sassy Saddles, Fleur de Lis, Lily Lace, Starstreak, Lightning Dust, Cherry Jubilee, Lemon Hearts, Golden Harvest, Flitter & Cloudchaser/Stormwalker, Cheese Sandwich, Apple family members, Pear Butter & Bright Mac, Windy Whistles & Bow Hothoof, and just loads of blind bag/backgrounders.