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Last week we asked you what your plans are for Halloween 2017. We're excited to see that 41% of you is going to dress-up for Halloween, of which 21% is actually going to trick-and-treat in their neighborhood! Another 13% of you is going to celebrate Halloween and 20% who are not sure of their plans yet. That leaves 26% of the votes from people who are not going to celebrate it. Coming from a country where October 31st is generally very quiet, this sounds like a huge amount of Halloween-fans!

This week we'd like to ask you about the most popular post from last week: The Equestria Girls beach series! We could ask what everyone thinks about the series, but I'm fairly certain that would end up with 90% of the votes being positive. So for this time we'd like to know: Who do you think has the best beach outfit? And of course, any comments are welcome below!
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  1. I going to trick or treat and scare some kids >:)

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