My Little Pony the Movie Tempest Shadow and Twilight Sparkle Fan Series Figure at HASCON
Yesterday new Equestria Girls Dolls and a Princess Skystar Hippogriff figure were shown at HASCON. But it looks like they had some more previews for upcoming toys in store for us! The first one is an awesome Fan Series figure of Tempest Shadow and Twilight Sparkle battling against each other. And the second thing that was spotted is a light-up Brushable of Tempest Shadow. Just like the Songbird Serenade and Princess Celestia one she most likely also speaks.

Expect these to arrive at the start of 2018 like the other new toys. The fact that these were displayed among Toys'R'Us Friendship Festival line may indicate they they will be TRU exclusive but good news: They will be available everywhere. 

Thanks a lot to Bizzarro_Toys on Instagram for the heads up!
My Little Pony the Movie Tempest Shadow Light-up Brushable at HASCON


  1. OMG!! Tempest Shadow and twilight look sooooooo cool. Totally going on my wish list!

  2. I keep seeing you guys say that the Glowing Celestia talks, but checking back at her listing, nothing specifies that she talks. All it says is that she lights up. Nothing about speaking, or phrases. Please fix.

    1. the tempest does not speak according to EquestriaDaily