Fluttershy and Rarity Shining Friends SpottedFluttershy and Rarity Shining Friends Spotted
In the line of MLP The Movie Shining Friends we've seen Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and even Applejack! Still missing were Rarity and Fluttershy, but luckily we've got some news on that!
On Taobao listings were spotted showing final designs of both ponies and even the packaging is included. It's pretty unique to see these appear before any loose figures, but it's a nice change.
Just like the earlier figures these can hoof bump each other (or yourself) and they'll light up.
With this latest addition the original mane 6 is complete, but it's possible we see a fourth series with other characters, although no signs of that are known right now.
MLP The Movie Shining Friends FluttershyMLP The Movie Shining Friends Fluttershy
MLP The Movie Shining Friends RarityMLP The Movie Shining Friends Rarity


  1. Wow!!, What a cuteness!!, well, only to wait a little more!!

  2. So cute!!!!!
    I want fluttershy

  3. Why does Fluttershy have an alicorn's wings on her and Rarity's box picture? LOL.

  4. Whenever I think of Shining Friends I think of that movie....I don’t know why but I just do...

  5. I`ve seen fluttershy and rarity and sale in USA but in sweden. Do anyone know when these will release.
    I am to scared to order from toyrus.com instead of .se because of the of price of shipping. I managed to buy 4 of 6. only in need of fluttershy and rarity shining