MLP Merch at Dutch My Little Pony The Movie Premiere
We were happy to have received an invitation to the My Little Pony the Movie premiere in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This took place last week, just a few hours before the movie was officially open to the public in theaters across the country.
Because we're very thankful for this opportunity we'd like to include you as our reader into this event by this report, including photos and a video of the goodiebag as well! We'll not talk about any spoilers from the movie in this post, as people might not have had the chance to see the post yet.


My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - BannerMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Poster
We arrived way too early for the event to start, but we were so excited that we didn't care! From the entrance of the theater we saw a corner with bright colors, and we knew we were at the right place. A large background with 3D figures of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle decorated the hallway along with some posters and flags from the movie.
My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Twilight and Pinkie FiguresMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Balloon Rainbow

My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Twilight FigureMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Twilight Balloon
Children took their photos with the ponies while we all waited for the main room to open. Over the area there was a bridge of balloons, decorated with some balloon ponies, which were hilarious to see!
After a few minutes of waiting we were queuing up for the experience room...

The Experience Room

The queue went pretty fast, and we received our movie tickets, as well as a cute Twilight Sparkle stamp on our hands, and we were ready to go the the main room for everyone to play before the movie started.
My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Twilight StampMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - TicketsMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Pony Carpet
This room was actually pretty dark on it's own, with black walls and black carpet, but the company hosting the premiere did a very good job on adding some color and friendliness to the room, which started directly at the beginning: sparkle face paint! Ilona got some blue glitters and a purple headband with pony ears.
After the entrance there were two large background banners for My Little Pony the Movie where people could get their photo taken. They arranged professional photographers with Polaroid cameras, and it was cute to see children warm up the film after the photo was taken, since most of them never heard of Polaroids. While the parents took care of 'developing' the photos further children had the chance to do some coloring, create a bracelet or play games with the My Little Pony crew.
It got a bit crowded after some time, and we guess the total amount of people in the room went up to about 150, but not long after it was finally time for the movie to start!
My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Experience Room

My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Big Movie BannerMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Big Movie Banner

The Movie

My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Buckets and Bottles Display
While going up the escalator we saw a huge stand with all kinds of bottles and buckets we haven't seen before, but this was only for display, bummer! We went around the corner and saw that the crew was handing out popcorn and drinks for all viewers, which was very thoughtful. Some of the bottles and buckets were on display there too, but this time with a sign saying "My Little Pony products available in theater shop". Really!? And off Ilona went to the shop to score some! The bucket was only available pre-filled with popcorn, so we had quite some food to chew on during the movie, but it was worth it! Alongside the bucket she also got a Rarity bottle.
My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Bucket and Rarity Bottle

My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - BucketMy Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Bucket and Rarity Bottle
Once we found our seat it was a short wait for the movie to start, and.... It was amazing! The quality, the story, the characters, we were amazed by the movie! As mentioned earlier, we are not going to post any spoilers about the movie itself, but all we can say is that Tempest Shadow was Ilona's favorite character, and Grubber was mine.
My Little Pony The Movie Premiere - Movie Starting
After the movie ended we had to leave for another event, but we didn't forget to grab a goodiebag, which we've reviewed on film. Enjoy the review below!

And before we forget it: We'd like to thank Hasbro, The PR Factory, Intertoys and Kinopolis for the invitation, event and unforgettable film!


  1. Hi There, i'm in your rainbow photograph! haha... omg.. oh well..
    I think i saw you too standing at the end of the polaroid thingy! Nice ^_^
    It was such an awesome afternoon. Me and my daughter enjoyed it very much.
    Did you spot the game shuffle as well?
    (i already follow you at instagram thats how i got here i saw the photo of a very familiar looking mlp merchandise display haha.... so i tought what? are you guys from here?! :D )
    Nice post! I'll visite your page more often. ^_~
    Kind regards Jasmijn (ZoMijntje).

    1. Hi Mijntje, great to hear you liked the event as well! We sadly didn't get the time to play shuffle, it was getting pretty crowded after a while, but it was nice to see everyone enjoy their time! And yes, we're from The Netherlands too :)

  2. Tempest is my favorite 2 I have the Build a Bear version of her

  3. Really cool! Hasbro did a movie premiere in Colombia too, they did a runway for kids and give plushies, toys, the movie soundtrack and food decorated about the movie, Hasbro has improve :)

    1. And I forgot, a kit from the movie! It contains some things for school and books in a bag with the movie style!