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MLP the Movie Booster Box Review + Scans Now In Database
As soon as Enterplay announced the My Little Pony the Movie trading cards set we ordered a booster box from their store to take a look at all the cards and add them to our database. Luckily enough we got the full base set and quite some neat foil cards!
We've unpacked the booster box in a two-part review (including an overview of all cards) and right after we scanned the cards in and they're now live in the MLP Trading Cards Database.
Below we have a our review, both in text and video formats. Enjoy!


We were quite unsure what to expect, as not a lot of information about the cards has been shared before the release. Starting with the packs we saw that all the cards we unpacked were scenes from the movie in the correct order, not too long apart from each other. How come? Well we found out that all packs have 5 sequential cards, ranging from number 1 and 81. The cards didn't start at number 1, but we once had a pack starting at 80, followed by 81, 1, 2 and 3. So the base cards are all sequential, and in the booster box you are guaranteed to get all cards eventually. There are more than 81 cards in a box, so you'll get a few doubles along the way.

There are three types of cards included in the set: Character cards, scene cards and "making of"-cards, featuring concept art from the movie. Especially the last ones are interesting with unique art, though you might have seen it before in the "The Art of My Little Pony the Movie"-book. Character cards feature vectors of the ponies, seaponies and other characters from the movie, and the scene cards are still from MLP the Movie. On the backs of all cards you'll be able to find some trivia and other information about the scene, location or character.

The cards themselves have a new finish, with a bit more gloss and a bit more weight and sturdiness to them. This should make them a bit more durable, but we did notice that scratches are better visible due to this gloss.

Aside from cards you'll find the usual combo of stickers and tattoos in each pack. There's a total of 12 available from each, and what we noted is that the combination of sticker and tattoo is always the same. If you get sticker A, you'll also get tattoo A. And in the whole booster box we also got 2 of each sticker and tattoo. While this, in combination with the sequential cards, is not really an issue when you have a full booster box (on the contrary, you are guaranteed to get every single basic card/sticker/tattoo), but if you buy separate packs the outcome of them is very predictable, and in most cases you either get only character cards, scene cards or concept art cards. So getting a single pack for fun might not give you a random selection of cards that you might expect from other collectible card packs, or even earlier MLP trading card series.


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