It's been a while since our last store finds post, so this one is longer than ever! Because of that we didn't write too many words for each find, but we made sure to put as much images in as possible!
This time we have a lot of long awaited items, including wave 22 blind bags and lots of brand new finds too, like a new FiM Collection wave and Mash Mallows.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Mash'ems Mash Mallows

It's official: Rarity is a marshmallow! At least, in this new Mash'ems/Fash'ems set! This new line is released by Basic Fun, formerly Tech4Kids, and was spotted at Target. They're made of soft foam, much like real marshmallows (just be sure not to eat these!).
(Thanks to Banana & Mom)

US - Wave 22 Blind Bags Spotted

The 22nd wave of MLP blind bags is out now at Walmart. You might have to look around a bit, as these were not on the regular MLP shelves, but (at the time) at the stocking stuffer bin. Where they're now is everyone's guess!
(Thanks to Breyer600)

Singapore - Equestria Girls & G1 Shirt

People where pretty excited for these EqG Minis sets, which includes Rainbow Dash on a jetski, and Pinkie's Sweet Snacks Cafe, found at Toys"R"Us and Takashimaya in Singapore.Expect these to be available in other countries within a few weeks.
Also spotted was a cute G1 shirt (children's sizes only) at H&M.
(Thanks to Adrian & Joelle)

Netherlands - Wave 2 Glitter & Style Seaponies

A personal find from Ilona, over at the Intertoys in Amterdam, who now stock the second wave of Glitter & Style seaponies, featuring Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

US - Cute MLP Blanket at Sam's Club

Still a bit cold this winter? Grab this comfy MLP blanket to keep you warm, available at Sam's Club. With it's size of 60" by 70" it should fit nicely on your double bed too!
(Thanks to Vinyl Pi R)

US - Captain Celaeno & Spike Set Finally at Walmart

You don't want to know how many requests we have gotten in our inbox and on social media about when this set was about to hit stores. Surprise: It's time! The set is available in some Walmart stores, but we still got reports of people who didn't find it yet, so you might need to keep your patience a bit longer.
UPDATE: There has been a misunderstanding, this set comes from eBay and not in-store. If anyone sees it at Walmart, please let us know!
(Thanks to Victor)

Philippines - Brand New Friendship is Magic Collection Series

Well this is a surprise! They look familiar, but there wasn't much known about this Friendship is Magic Collection wave, until now with the release of these figures in The Philippines. The Single Figures this wave feature Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight and so far three larger sets are spotted with Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. Enjoy more images of these sets below!
(Thanks to David Salamante)

US - Loads of New MLP Figures at Target

It's almost common knowledge that Target is the place to be to find the latest MLP Merch, and this time is no exception. Many new MLP The Movie sets have been found at Target, as well as the 35th Anniversary figures and two seapony styling heads.
(Thanks to Sophia & Victor)

US - PEZ Connectibles Finally Found in Stores

I had to dig in the archives a bit, but it's already half a year ago that the PEZ Connectibles popped up, and this is the first time someone spotted these in stores. The Connectibles differentiate themselves from regular dispensers by the added body, wings and tail, which are interchangeable between dispensers. Also seen in the same Walmart store were regular PEZ candy dispensers with a new packaging style.
(Thanks to Jeffrey)

UK - FiM Collection Rarity Boutique Salon

This FiM Collection set of the Boutique Salon, featuring Rarity, has been spotted at Hamleys and I couldn't read any other store finds so soon. It might be old, but it might be the first time in the UK!
(Thanks to pega_ponycorn & rainribbon)

Colombia - Songbird Serenade & 'Fabric Bouncers'

We don't get a lot of submits from South America, so we're always excited to see what's available in those countries. Aside from the Singing Songbird Serenade the store Falabella also offered these Fabric Bouncers, which look like a combination of a bouncing ball and a plush head. I couldn't find any more information on the manufacturer, so if anyone knows: we're all ears!
(Thanks to MLP Forever)

US - 5 Below Stocks More MLP Merch

Every once in a while we get a new submit from 5 Below, usually with tons of merch that's out there now. Why it's commonly not the latest merch (this week is no exception), it's usually a lot cheaper. Aside from the older plush and figures there's a lot of creative stuff available this time, and as the name says: all for $5 or less each.
(Thanks to Sorority)


  1. Rainbow Dash Beach theme spotted?!, very good!!, well, waiting here in Mexico!

  2. The H&M G1 shirt is part of the "35th Anniversary Celebration" line by Hasbro, H&M has a huge G1 collection for spring that includes clothing for "the mothers and daughters that grew up with My Little Pony".

  3. The images for the celaeno set come from an Ebay seller in the UK tho

    1. That he stole from me. I picked up the set at the Secaucus, New Jersey Walmart last week and posted the images online. So it did come from Walmart.

    2. I'm Richiesams, the UK Ebay seller, and to be absolutely clear, *I* took the photographs of the Captain Celaeno set above, and *I* acquired the set in China, where it already had it's Walmart Exclusive sticker on it.

      I have no problem with Ossie, Ilona or Equestria Daily reposting my photos, and the wording of your comment is ambiguous, but it is incorrect and unfair to imply that I stole them from anyone.


    3. So this set still isn't in the US yet? I was hoping when this set appeared Pirate Fluttershy would also appear.

  4. The Pez dispensers are cute; I have a collection of 40-something of those. Definitely prefer the regular ones without interchangeable parts. And 5-Below's prices are great. Thing is, that store and Wal*Mart are just too far for me to almost ever bother going to. Target is right here in town if I need a department store, and 5-Below is pretty much all kiddie goodie-bag stuffer stuff...

  5. I got that mlp blanket for Christmas :D

  6. I think I saw a couple of those Wave 2 styling seaponies in the US too. Also, are the G1s in Target right now? I’ve been looking for them and I haven’t found them yet.

    1. They were already sold out in most stores a day after spotted, no restock planned.

  7. that FiM fluttershy is a reused one from the Rarity collection FiM fluttershy that never got released as far as I can tell? I never found one and it never released on amazon, did it? I really wanted it...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Well this is disappoint, the new collector's series minifigs are... all just re-releases of existing ones repacked. I mean, most of those are the "Grand Galloping Gala" figures, Rarity is the same as the ones from the Canterlot Boutique...

  10. I couldn't find any of these at my local targets. I don't know if these mash mallows were a one week thing or if they are going to an on going item