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Last week we asked you if a new series of buildable My Little Pony figures or sets would interest you. The result? Over a third of you is not at all interested in a new try on buildable figures, and 26% would only like to see a LEGO-like set for My Little Pony, rather than anything that has been released so far. Excluding the 14% who isn't sure this leaves only 25% of the votes in favor of a new set, which is relatively low in my eyes.

This week we'd like to know which new Theme Park Collection Equestria Girls Mini figure you like the most. They all come with a unique accessory and a new set of clothes, so be sure to give them all a good look and pick your favorite!
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  1. I'll always pick Sci-Twi. :) But Rainbow Dash wins best pants!

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  3. I picked Sunset & her lolli-balloon, but Dash and Pinkie would be #2 & 3.

  4. This is a tough one, especially when trying to choose based on the look and not due to any favoritism. I'll choose Rainbow because she looks the most comfortable. It looks like she doing the Fonzie and giving a chilled thumbs up.

  5. I voted Pinkie, because I really love her new frilly skirt! *_* and I think her outfit is simple but way cute, and since y tought Sunset will take most of the votes. Personally I find the Sunset outfit really interesting and nice, and love her hairdo as well. But that Pinkie mini deserves some love too, since it's a lovely cute figure for me.
    By the way, my fav character is Rainbow Dash, but I prefer the mall and beach collection outfit for her, with that cap and ponytail, and the pep rally set is my all favorite Rainbow Dash EqG mini doll.

    1. Oh I forgot to say that I think the Rarity one isn't her best figure, but it have little improvements that I like, and I'll buy her just for that. Her painted lips and the fancy outfit makes she look classy, love it! But damn, one just can vote for one doll, don't we? hehe