My Little Pony 1983 Greatest Hits Set
About 2 weeks ago Hasbro revealed the SDCC 2018 Exclusives: The My Little Pony Established 1983 Greatest Hits Set. And as usual these exclusives will also be available on HasbroToyShop after the convention. In this case they have already listed the item and also included some more images and info.

We get a first look at the packaging which looks totally cool! (the packaging is a reason alone to buy this set) We also get a look at the collector cards which are included with the trio as well. Interesting is that the art on the cards is the same as a set of SDCC exclusive pins by Toynk. They also made a Fluttershy one as you can see, some people speculate that the "My Little Pony 83-line" might have been the TRU exclusive line but since TRU went bankrupt they decided to make it a Hasbro Exclusive set. But these are just rumors but it's quite interesting.

Anyway it's up on the HasbroToyShop website but according to them this set will be available for order on the 13th of August with a max of 2 orders per household. This set will be available for $19.99

Find the listing here!

My Little Pony 1983 Greatest Hits Set
My Little Pony has been spreading the magic of friendship since 1983! To celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary, the My Little Pony Greatest Hits set features favorite characters reimagined in 80s-inspired fashions and mane styles! The set includes Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash pony figures -- imagine the Twilight figure as an 80s pop princess taking the stage; pretend Pinkie prances on the scene with her 80s-inspired aerobic ensemble; and imagine Rainbow Dash rockin’ out with her rainbow mohawk and punk get-up. The set also includes 7 cassette-inspired collector cards with 80s-themed depictions of pony friends. Fans can display this totally tubular set in its boombox-shaped packaging and imagine the characters crooning favorite classics from that time. 

• Includes 3 pony figures, 9 accessories, and 7 collector cards.
• Includes Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash pony figures in 80s-inspired outfits
• Each pony figure comes with 80s-inspired fashion accessories
• Set comes in a fun boombox-shaped package for fans to display item
• Includes 7 cassette-inspired collector cards with a character on each side
• Set celebrates the My Little Pony brand’s 35th anniversary
• Figure scale: 3 inches

My Little Pony The Toynk SDCC Exclusive Pins
The Toynk SDCC Exclusive Pins


  1. Stunning package! totally awesome! :3

  2. It really is very cool that box, a stereo of the 80's!

    and those artworks, oh wow, even though they are not full-bodied, they are also very beautiful, however, it is clear that the dolls are missing the more clothing shown in the artwork; Twilight still looks much better in that artwork!!
    And it's a shame that Fluttershy did not include a doll, in that artwork she looks very cute!