Quite an unexpected store-find! Remember all the School of Friendship-clothes brushables we spotted several times before? Well today one of our readers Andres has found this brand new Twilight Sparkle brushable at a Mexican Store called Soriana, according to him this store can be compared to Walmart/Target. This Twilight is officially named 'Principal Twilight Sparkle' and is all dressed in her teachers-outfit and comes with a pair of glasses and a presentation board with stick (sounds familiar?).

Now rest the case, how will they be released on the other countries? Will they be an overall release or a store-exclusive one? Please keep in mind that some stores share the Target Exclusive-Line like Argos and also several Toy Stores here in the Netherlands.

We'll keep you updated as soon as possible!
Thanks a lot to Andres for the heads-up and image!
The other Teacher Ponies minus Starlight and the CMC


  1. Where in Mexico?!, Where I live, there is a Store Soriana and there was no sign of them there...