Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai-Inspired Pony
(First I would like to point out that all of the information is translated as the original text in Taiwanese. I don't know how accurate Google Translate is at the moment. But if you spot any incorrect info let me know!)
A pony inspired by the Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai will be up for auction soon for Charity. From September 15 till September 25 you can bid on this awesome looking "Cai Yilin x My Little Pony" Pony through Yahoo Auction. The outfit this pony wears is based on the outfit Jolin Tsai wore during one of her concerts. 
The profit will go to the Jiafu Foundation that protects and helps poor children. According to Appledaily. (which also has more info):
In the survey, the Jiafu Foundation found that 40% of the disadvantaged children did not eat breakfast every day; 25% felt that they could only read high school (job); 33% felt that they were nothing, and that the disadvantaged children not only faced various kinds of life "poor" neck, More lack of ability and confidence to turn over poverty.
Jolin Tsai also took part in filming a public welvare documentary of the Foundation called "Walking the Children to Walk the Road"

If you're interested in joining this auction. You can do so from September 15 till September 25. You can find the listing here.

Thanks to すてけんStinken for the heads up!
Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai-Inspired PonyTaiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai-Inspired Pony

Taiwanese Singer Jolin Tsai-Inspired Pony
The Outfit the pony's outfit is based on.


  1. is it a custom or made by hasbro?

  2. Hmm. I don't think we've seen charity ponies since G3. Interesting. I have no idea who this lady is, but kudos for the contribution to charity.

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