Store Finds: World's Smallest, Paper Ponies, Stickers & More
It's a been a bit quiet in regards to the store finds (here's why), but we're back with another collection of stuff that was found around the globe! We've got plenty of magazines, Equestria Girls, and stuff on paper too, with paper crafts and a Father's Day card.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Magic Styling Rarity & World's Smallest

Two cool finds at Target this week, with the Magic Styling Rarity (color changing cutie mark on her cheeks) and the World's Smallest My Little Pony (G1) figures! The "actually works" is referring to the brushable hair, I hope.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - EqG Mall Singles at Marshalls

Equestria Girls Minis have been popping up at tons of stores in the past year, and we now learned that Marshalls is no exception to the list. They stocked up on the Mall Series singles, originally released in 2017.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Meijer Stocks EqG Fashion Squad 2-Pack

More Equestria Girls news, but with a more recent set this time, at Meijer. They have the Fashion Squad Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy set available, which was earlier spotted on Amazon.
(Thanks to Bliss)

Europe - New Magazines from Various Countries

We received quite a variation of magazines for this store finds post! Only one of them has a (earlier released) figure, but I gotta say I like the design of the sequin diary.
Photo 1: Ukraine - no freebies
Photo 2: UK - purse to decorate with included markers and stickers
Photo 3: Hungary - Princess Cadance (looks like the original version in new packaging)
Photo 4: Germany - Sequin diary
(Thanks to Sebby)

UK - Father's Day Card

We're a little late for Father's Day, but the card was only spotted a week ago! I don't recall seeing a card for Father's/Mother's day before, so it's more than welcome, regardless of the timing!
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - MLP The Movie Sets at Five Below

And we make a little jump back to the US, where at Five Below two larger sets of MLP The Movie are now available. Both Captain Celaeno and Boyle are available for $5 each.
(Thanks to Felipe)

Mexico - Rainbow Road Trip Snap-On Fashions

Not sure if these have been in the US for long (or, at all), but we can say for sure that they're available in Mexico. This complete set was found in a store called Dax and I gotta say I love that Cutie Mark Crew shelve design!
(Thanks to Javi)

Argentina - Collectible Stickers by Sticker Design

In Europe we have Panini that takes care of all the collectible stickers, and in Argentina it's Sticker Design that now released their series of My Little Pony stickers. I couldn't find a total amount of stickers, but judging by the numbers it's at least 194. Among the stickers are designs of the Mane 6 from both the show an Equestria Girls. A movie-styled Twilight is used on Instragram as promotion, but I couldn't find any movie stills in any of the stickers.
(Thanks to Juanpa468)

Online - Paper Punk Ponies

The last time we heard from Paper Punk was back in early 2016 at the NY Toy Fair, back then the presented paper craft ponies still had the old logo on the packaging. Now on Amazon the retail version have been spotted, and it's possible that we missed them for a while, but they have 0 reviews at the moment, so it seems pretty recent. Available are both a 6-pack with the complete mane 6 or a castle with 3 ponies for about the same price.
(Thanks to The Unicorn Boy)

Australia - New Merch from Various Shops

And finally, over in Australia quite a few new things were found. Starting with this yummy looking white chocolate Pinkie Pie from Aldi, follow by a cozy comic-style pajamas from Best n Less and at Toy World these sticker-dispensing 'Stickits'-heads of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash were found.
(Thanks to Tyro)


  1. There has definitely been a mother's day card. My cat got me one last year :D

  2. Hey, did not you get the images that I sent you long ago?...

    oh well..., anyway..., I hope the Rarity styling and the second pack of Equestria Girls Fashion Squad will arrive soon in Mexico

    1. Very sorry if we missed a mail! (Honestly, you don't want to see our mailbox) Will try to dig it up and add it

  3. Where can you get the worlds smallest ponies in England?

  4. That hollow Pinkie Pie figure from Australia is nightmarish.

    Rest is pretty cool though!

  5. I was able to find the Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy fashion squad set at a Walmart today in Ohio. I was so suprised but excited to finally get it for my daughter!

  6. Hey, for you hungarians - OMV gas station stores apparently now carry the Rarity minifig line. I have seen Fluttershy, Photo Finish, Scootaloo and Sweetiee Belle, sitting Twilight for 2100 Ft

  7. My friend just sent me a photo of the snap on fashion Rainbow Dash & Pinkie at a Ross in Illinois so they are turning up state side!