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Second 12-Pack of G4.5 Blind Bags Found at Target
After the original announcement and availability at Amazon people spotted a second 12-figure box at Walmart, which we named Batch 1A quickly after. Instead of waiting for the second set to release at a later point we got a surprise update today: the second half of the set, Batch 1B, has just been released at Target!
Aside from the split of characters there are no other changes to the series. Even the codes on the packaging are exactly the same over all sets. More on that below.
This second half of the first batch (previously called waves) features Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, Winona (black), Tank (blue), Angel, Gummy, Opalescence (black), a hippo and 4 unnamed unicorns.
Thanks to Victor & Samantha for the info and photos!

In conclusion:
- Amazon sells figures loose from 24-figure Batch 1 boxes, with a chance of getting any figure
- Walmart sells figures from 12-figure Batch 1A boxes
- Target sells figures from the other 12-figure Batch 1B boxes

If you find these at Walmart or Target, and are looking for a particular pony or animal, you might be relieved to hear that the blind bag codes are back! The codes are single letters printed next to the production date on the back of the packaging. In the examples below you can see an E and O. Each letter corresponds with a pony, which you can find in our Blind Bag Database. Make sure to look at Batch 1A for figures at Walmart and Batch 1B for Target.
My Little Pony Magical Potion Surprise Blind Bag Codes

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  1. The Target I went to had the 1A blind bags.