April Fools! But an Update is Coming Soon...
April Fools! Of course our primary focus hasn't been the release of the G4 Hot Air Balloon database, but we are in fact very close to a big update of the G1 database. We're basically merging the international release with the local releases and nirvana's into a more complete collection of everything G1. Including (closely estimated) release years, manufacturers and more photos! We still can't give an exact release date for it yet, but know that are we in the process of testing the code changes at the moment.
For those who missed it, below is our April Fools post from yesterday.

In the past few months we haven't launched any new databases, but we certainly didn't take a break. We've been collecting feedback from throughout the community, and have decided to finally release a long-awaited addition to our My Little Pony database. This process led us to some great ideas, but only the most popular and necessary addition has made it to the final stage, which we're happy about to share with you today.

Searching for all the content was quite a challenge, as most of the release are from long ago. And it's not just official release that we've collected, certainly not, we've even included prototypes that were not available on the shelves. We're pretty sure we've added everything there is to collect, but if you're aware of more variations and releases, we're all ears.

As with all databases, all items can be added to your checklist, wishlist and personal notes are available too. We hope you'll enjoy browsing your own collection to see what you already have, and still need!

Now, what are you waiting for? Let's go to our brand new G4 Hot Air Balloon Database and explore!