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Glitter My Little Pony Pez Coming This Month
The original line of My Little Pony Pez dispensers have been around since 2015, and even today they are still available in some stores (at least some old stock here). Aside from the Connectibles in 2017, news has been scarce on any variants or other releases.

Recently Pez-focussed blog Pez Palz has found out that this month a new variation of the original 3 Pez dispensers will be released with translucent glitter heads and a solid mane. The original teaser from Pez came from early 2018, so these figures have been on-hold for over 2 years! As these are the variations of the original line-up from 2015, we won't be seeing Fluttershy (yet), but Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle should be available in stores this month. However, we don't know for sure if the current global situation might delay this set even further.

If anyone finds them in stores, do let us know in the comments!
Thanks to Ayu & Pez Palz for the info!
Glitter My Little Pony Pez Coming This Month

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  1. Finally I've been wanting these after years of collecting all of my mlp blind bags I'm so excited.