My Little Pony Retro Pony Funko Pop Coming Soon
An Instagram account dedicated to Funko Pop has posted a leak containing a lists of upcoming Funko Pop's. What's interesting is that this list also includes upcoming Retro Pony Pop's. These figures are all part of the original six collector ponies. (with the exception of Blue Belle who is absent for some reason.) The following figures will be released:
  • Pop Vinyl - Blossom
  • Pop Vinyl - Butterscotch
  • Pop Vinyl - Cotton Candy
  • Pop Vinyl - Minty
  • Pop Vinyl - Snuzzle
  • Pop Keychain - Blossom
  • Pop Keychain - Cotton Candy
While Funko hasn't officially confirmed these figures so far it's very likely that they will be released as this lists often prove to be accurate. However there might still be a teeny tiny chance that they won't but it's very unlikely. Especially since Funko will release more products themed after (classic) Hasbro properties. The original Instagram post also mentions that these will be available early in 2021. Still, as someone who has a few Funko Pop's herself I'm very curious what they will look like. I liked the look for some of the G4 ones and I'm often a big fan of those who use a more unique sculpt.

Thanks to Wardah and mscolorsplash for the heads up!

My Little Pony Retro Pony Funko Pop Coming Soon


  1. I want the minty vinyl figure

  2. Aww, Blue Belle's my favorite Collector Pony. Ah, well. I may pursue a couple of these if they get the colors right (why is it such a struggle?) and they look decent.
    If these catch on, I'm hoping they'll go for the Rainbow Ponies next (they usually do). Starshine is one of my all-time favorite ponies, so I'll definitely go after her! I know these aren't even guaranteed to be released at this point... But I can dream, can't I?

  3. I want them and I'll get them. Not sure which year, but it will happen.

  4. Need. Will buy. Will sell soul and non vital organs to fund.

  5. I’m glad Funko didn’t completely forget about MLP! Rarity and AJ totally got the short end of the stick though :/

  6. do moondreamers at the other toy lines