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ToyWiz Lists new My Little Pony Toys: Best Hair Day and Smashing Fashion

New listings have appeared on ToyWiz and with these listings at least one thing will be confirmed, and that's Sunset Shimmer will indeed be released as a figure. The listings are for a set called Best Hair Day which includes Princess Cadance (and maybe another pony since it mentions it's a 2-pack) if that's the case it could be that perhaps Rarity is included as we saw a promo earlier with Princess Cadance having Rarity's hair... perhaps you can mix and match hairstyles?

Speaking of that Promo, it also contained Sunset Shimmer who will be available as part of the Smashing Fashion Set. Other ponies who will be released under that set are Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, there's also another 2-pack listed but it doesn't say who's included. So far the listings don't have descriptions or images yet so not much else is known. Let's hope we'll get some more information soon. You can find the listings below together with their pre-orde price. All items mention they will be shipped in January 2021.

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  1. They will release the new MLP PONY LIFE Sunset Shimmer as a doll?!