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Hatsune Miku x MLP Bishoujo Concept Sculpt Revealed

Earlier this year we got a big surprise when Kotobukiya announced a crossover between their Hatsune Miku and their line of My Little Pony bishoujo statues. It has been quiet for a few months, but over on Twitter they just revealed the concept sculpt of this unique collab.

Surprisingly enough all details of the initial concept art survived it to the statue form, and even more: the pony is dancing on a wave with music notes, which was not yet present in the first design. Other than that the statue looks like an exact 3D rendition of the drawing.

Kotobukiya also announces that more information will be revealed tomorrow during their own online event, but we're not sure if the colored sculpt will be shown so soon, but we'll keep you posted!

Interested in what the earlier released statues look like? They're listed in our MLP Merch Database.

Original concept art from May 2021

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