My Little Pony A New Generation Sing n Skate Sunny Toy
We already knew about the existence for this toy for a while, but wanted to wait for an official listing to appear. Walmart has now listed the Sing 'N Skate Sunny Starscout. And according to her design there's a big chance this toy might spoil plot elements for the movie. So just an heads up: watch out and take care.

The Sing 'N Skate Sunny Starscout is 9 inches tall (23 centimeters), has the ability to move and light up and has about 50 actions which can all be activated with an include remote. When she moves she will also sing parts of the song "Gonna be my day" and she also comes with stickers. But perhaps for most the biggest feature of her is the fact that she has horns and wings. I know that the plot of the movie has been leaked already of a storybook that was released not long ago. I personally haven't read that one myself so I have no idea what the intentions are yet of the horns and wings. It could be she'll become an alicorn physically, or in my guess, maybe they are only temporary. That they are more part of Sunny's "Power" if that makes sense. Think of your typical magical girl transformation sequences." Judging by the art on the packaging it's prob the latter as they appear to be more holographic.  This is just my idea though, we don't know for sure till the movie gets released which is very soon.

She's listed on the Walmart website for $49.99 but currently out of stock. However according to several sources most movie toys should be available starting September 1. Have the listing and images below!
My Little Pony A New Generation Sing n Skate Sunny ToyMy Little Pony A New Generation Sing n Skate Sunny Toy

My Little Pony A New Generation Sing n Skate Sunny ToyMy Little Pony A New Generation Sing n Skate Sunny Toy
Get to know Sunny Starscout: an adventurous pony from Maretime Bay! Sing 'N Skate Sunny Starscout is an interactive pony figure that kids can control. Comes with a cordless microphone that can be used for singing or as a remote control. Use the buttons on the microphone to move the figure forward or spin her around. Kids can also shake the RC microphone to make the figure move! Figure moves her heads and wings while she skates and sings part of the song "Gonna Be My Day." Features over 50 combinations of lights, sounds, and movement.  9-inch orange pony figure has long, soft pink hair and a character-inspired shooting star Cutie Mark on one side. Fans new and old can imagine adventures with My Little Pony: A New Generation movie-inspired toys. Makes a great holiday or birthday gift for kids ages 5 years old and up! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • REMOTE CONTROL SKATING WITH SUNNY STARSCOUT: Use the included microphone as a remote control to make 9-inch Sunny figure roller skate forward or spin around in circles
  • MOVIE-INSPIRED MUSIC: Toy speaks My Little Pony: A New Generation-inspired phrases and sings parts of her hit song from the movie, "Gonna Be My Day." Kids can sing into the cordless microphone
  • OVER 50 COMBINATIONS: Interactive pony features over 50 combinations of sounds, lights, and movement so kids can imagine adventures and stories with a favorite movie character
  • CUSTOMIZABLE ALICORN STYLES: Decorate figure with the included stickers for a unique look. Figure has soft pink hair, light-up Alicorn horn, and moving wings inspired by the movie
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY FOR KIDS: Dance along to the music or play "Sunny Stop" freeze game using the microphone tool. This My Little Pony toy makes a great gift for girls and boys ages 5 and up  


  1. I don't like how the figure look but I assume the alicorn situation will be a temporary transformation especially since in the artwork her wings and horn isn't the same color as her skin amd it looks like as if it was made out of light and I don't like how her horn is in the middle of her mane in the art

  2. it could be a temporary alicorn because her horn are not sticked to her four head

  3. i don't think these are spoilers, otherwise hasbro won't leak this before the release of the film, and vannesa hugdens have in the voice actor trailer was also briefly on screen with horn and wings

    1. and did you know drwolf001 seen a costume of sunny starscout with horn and wings on his vlog and vanessa (voice of sunny) wear a wings and horn to the clip announcing the cast of the mlp a new gen or (in my opinion) will sunny being alicorn on the coming series

    2. Hasbro leaks things via merch releases all the time, and her voice actress wore those because Sunny also wears an alicorn costume in multiple instances in the movie, meanwhile this toy is kind of a spoiler of the end of the movie.

  4. I feel like the hair will get stuck in the wheels

  5. After watching the movie (spoiler warning)

    it’s confirmed that this is a spoiler