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Sunny Starscout Figure + Music Released for Toniebox

Collectors of NFC-enabled figures, like Amiibos, Disney Infinity or Skylanders might already be familiar with Tonies and their Toniebox: a music player that plays different songs or stories based on the figure that's placed on top of it. They have quite a collection of brands and figures, and as of last week my Little Pony is added to that list as well!

Zipp Storm Hallmark Ornament Coming This Year

We're still busy with the new home, so we don't post as much as we used to, but this is a reveal we don't want to wait with! Aside from the 2022 Pinkie Pie keepsake ornament, Hallmark will also release a G5 pony this year: Zipp Storm.

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My Little Pony Prime Day Deals (Up to 73% Off)

UPDATE: And Prime Day is over! Hopefully you were able to get ponies at a great discount during the two days. Below discounts are no longer available, but you can always check our G5 Amazon idea list for any discounts during other sales.

It's Prime Day! Amazon's annual sale, just for Prime members, is back with two days of deals across all categories. We already scouted the toys section for My Little Pony deals and found some deals worth mentioning, including G5 sets!


First Mini World Magic Sets Listed on Amazon

One of the most anticipated lines this year has to be the Mini World Magic line with Polly Pocket-like figures and playsets. A few months after it's announcement the first listings now appear online including one we haven't heard of before!

Brand New "Make Your Mark" Figures Listed Online

After quite a long wait we finally have some brand new toys to share! Most if not all of them are themed after the upcoming "Make your Mark" series. The gimmick for this line will be called "Hoof to Heart" feature which according to the description: "Boys and girls can plug accessories into hooves and pose each My Little Pony character to create an expressive, festive play scene" you are also able to remove and switch around the ponies' Cutie Marks. You can find all the info and listings below!

KFC Indonesia Reveals G5 Kids Meal Toys

Ever since the teaser in December we've been following the social media of KFC Indonesia to wait for more information about their line-up of My Little Pony G5 toys. Today they shortly revealed the full set, but removed it quickly after. Luckily there have been some shares of the images, so we can still take a look at it!

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure Video Game Coming May 27

Better late than never! We've been so buys the past weeks that we weren't able to properly post about some big news: My Little Pony G5 is getting their own PC / console game soon: A Maretime Bay Adventure.

IDW Announces G5 Comic Series Titled 'My Little Pony'

After the end of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series with 102 issues and the My Little Pony: Generations comics we were officially out of monthly issued comics by IDW. That will end soon as IDW today announces a brand new comic series that will follow after the event from the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie.

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Twilight Sparkle Sparking Generations Brushables

About a month ago a new set surfaced including Twilight Sparkle from G4 and Sunny Starscout from G5. Since then we haven't heard much about that set until today as Walmart has it now listed on their website.

As mentioned before this set includes a 6-inch release of the two main characters from their own generations. Both are presented as Alicorns and they have quite long manes with Sunny's having some nice Rainbow Colored strands as well. Included are also tons of accesories like hairsclips, tiaras, sunglasses and more. This set is listed for $24.97 USD and available for order now.
Have the description and listing below.

Thanks to Samantha for the heads up!

My Little Pony: A New Generation Sparkling Generations 2-Pack

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Pez Reveals Pipp As 3rd Character for 2022 Line-Up

Towards the end of 2021 the German Hasbro Instagram revealed to the world that we get to see a brand new line of Pez dispensers with G5 characters. Izzy and Sunny were already confirmed, and the 3rd character would be determined by votes received on the Instagram post.