Unicorn Snot Announces My Little Pony Collab

We've seen first party G5 products, licensed products and I think we're now seeing the very first brand collaboration with the 5th generation of My Little Pony. And that honor is for Unicorn Snot!

It could be me, but I have other associations with that name than a make-up brand, but that's exactly what it is, and how fitting it is to collaborate with pastel-colored ponies. The collab consists of 3 exclusive sets of their body & face glitter gels, colored after Sunny, Pipp and Izzy.

Something I had to look up again (as I never smear anything on my face, other than shaving cream) and the gels are mostly transparent with loads of glitters to leave a glittery finish on your face and or body. Truly sparkle like a pony!

Each pack contains 3 jars with 0.39oz (11.5ml) of Unicorn Snot in different colors to match the design of Sunny, Pipp and Izzy. The sets aren't available yet, but you can subscribe to their mailing list to stay informed and also build up points to earn free sets. We received a referral link, and with 10 friends you can already score a free pack, excluding shipping.


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  2. This sure is a collab they made huh. I guess I'll see if i can convince enough people to get a free box because I prooobably won't buy something like this regularly haha

  3. So now we can smear izzy's snot on our faces

  4. Well, this is an... interesting product. It's probably more expensive than I'd want to pay when you could probably get something similar, though un-horse-branded, at your country's single-unit-of-currency store. It'd make an interesting collector's piece, but I'd be worried about how it'd age over the years.

    On an unrelated note, I've noticed that the Phyllis figure from the Snow Party Countdown is listed as "name unknown" in your database. I'm sorry if you just hadn't gotten around to changing it; I just thought I'd point it out in case you didn't notice.

    1. Thanks for the reminder, just updated the database listing ^^