Secret Rings Series 2 Released at Target + Look at Unreleased Figures

Sometimes we are teased for months before a new set is released, but this time we have quite the opposite: at Target the first My Little Pony Secret Rings series 2 blind bags have been spotted, before we got any official listings!

This second series of Secret Rings blind bags directly dives into the 5th generation by including Izzy, Pipp, Sunny and Zipp, but also includes the complete Mane 6 from G4. All ponies have a pearly finish and feature the same 'gemstone' geometric design from series 1. Pipp is included as a glitter chase figure, but the line-up also features second version of Izzy and Sunny with the same glitter finish.

Thanks to Mckenzie Moore for the above images take of the actual figures bought at Target. The second series isn't up on their website yet, but the first series is available for $3.69 each. Aside from those we also received images RDB (many thanks!) of series 2 photos of the other figures bought from Taobao, as well as (shown at the bottom of the post) photos of unreleased figures! Whether these will become part of series 3, or are just factory samples never to be released is unknown.

Secret Rings Series 2 Blind Bags

Secret Rings Unreleased / Prototype Figures

The images below show Secret Rings figures that are (unless noted) not part of series 2. We don't know (yet) whether these are prototype figures or whether they will be released in a later wave.


  1. Wasn't Hitch supposed to be part of this line?
    I remember seeing him as a recolored version of the Pinkie Pie mold in a Chinese Leak from January(?

  2. I would be really disappointed getting those after seeing the nice models on the package. I really wish Hasbro would stop recycling models over and over again, it's makes collections look bland when everything is just recolors.

    1. Totally agree. Of they had some interesting poses I would buy them but otherwise I feel kinda ripped off :(