New Collectible MLP G4 Cards Released in China

Regardless of the new generation with plenty of toys, merch and content, G4 is still actively promoted in China. Another proof of this is a brand new set of collectible cards that was just released in China by a company called Tala.

These cards are included for free with fruit candy tins, that are also My Little Pony themed, and feature a pony on the front. The design of these cards very closely resemble those that we reviewed last year, with the code and star rating in the top right and pony/scene name bottom right. While the design gave us the idea that this was a continuation of the series, the producer (Kayou) is not mention on the cards or listing and it seems a separate release by Tala.

Most cards feature a single pony, but there are several cards with group shots as well. Aside from the mane 6 there are only 2 cards with other ponies: the 3 princess and Trixie & Starlight have their own cards. All fronts feature a foil finish, but there is also a set of chase cards with extra shiny ponies and a gold backdrop. One curious details is the cutie mark on the bottom left of all cards: where the 2021 Kayou cards feature each ponies own cutie mark, Tala gave every cards Twilight Sparkle's star.

The back of the cards are a totally different story compared to the 2021 cards: these feature a letter and English word, together with the translation below it. Most of the words are very simple and typical for learning English, but what would be an easy word to learn starting with the letter A? That's right, Areophane. On the Taobao listing they show Aeroplane as the correct word, so that seems to be a small mistake in the production. Strangely enough there is second A card with Apple on it. This does explain the range of 27 different cards instead of the 26 needed to complete the alphabet.

In order for these cards to fit in the tins, they are relatively small. Below there are comparisons with the Kayou and Enterplay trading cards, as well as more pictures of the included designs. The tins are available in China, but it's unsure for us whether these are available nationwide. You can at least get them on Taobao/Tmall for ¥12.90 per tin or just below ¥10 each when bought as a six-pack, which comes down to USD prices of $1.50-$2.00. Since these contain candy we're not sure if Taobao agents can ship these internationally.
Thanks to RDB for the information and photos!


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  2. these are so cute let us know if theres a way to buy them!

  3. I’d LOVE the Starlight and Trixie card! I wish it was available where I live. 😭💔