Walmart Lists Jazz Hooves in Pedicure Party Set

A new pony from My Little Pony: Make Your Mark is getting a big release! Walmart just listed this 6" tall 'Pedicure Party' Jazz Hooves figure online. The big feature of this set is that you can give her a hooficure with the included stickers you can put on her hooves.

This isn't the very first time we see Jazz Hooves, as she's part of the Mini World Magic 22-pack, but a large single release like this is quite the difference from a multi-pack! This 6" tall pony (formerly known as Fashion Style) comes with plenty of accessories to brush and decorate her mane. She also comes with a (non-functional) karaoke set, and of course several sheets of hoof stickers. Since Jazz's hoof design doesn't seem to be any different from the other 6" ponies, we assume the stickers can also be used to give other ponies a hooficure.

She's listed at Walmart for $15.99, but not available at the moment. It's probably just a matter of days before they start to arrive in stores and become available online.

Thanks to Samantha for the heads-up!

Have a pony dance party with Jazz Hooves: an Earth Pony from Maretime Bay! In the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark show, she works at Mane Melody as a singing, styling hooficure artist.
Pedicure Party Jazz Hooves includes a 6-inch teal pony figure with hoof polish-inspired Cutie Mark on one side. Figure has soft, long pink and purple hair for lots of hair play fun! Includes 4 sticker sheets for giving her hooves a fabulous upgrade. Kids can choose stickers and apply them to the pony's hooves to imagine giving her a hooficure (aka hoof pedicure!) Comes with 17 style and story accessories, including customizable hair clips and a pretend karaoke machine. Brush her hair with the included comb, style it with clips and charms, give her a fresh pedi, and imagine an awesome pop performance!
- GET TO KNOW JAZZ HOOVES: Jazz Hooves is a fabulous hooficure (hoof manicure!) artist at Mane Melody, inspired by the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark show
- PONY NAIL STICKERS: Comes with 4 nail art sticker sheets. Kids can use stickers to decorate pony's hooves in different colors and patterns. Toy makes a great gift for kids who like fashion and style!
- HAIR-STYLING ACCESSORIES: 6-inch figure comes with customizable hair clips and plug-in charms for styling her hair! Jazz Hooves has a long, brushable pink and purple mane and tail
- 17 ACCESSORIES: Comes with show-inspired story pieces, including Jazz Hooves's hooficure toolbelt, microphone accessory that clips onto her leg, and pretend karaoke machine accessory
- STYLE TUTORIAL VIDEOS: Scan the code on the package or visit mylittlepony-howto.com for tips on styling Pedicure Party Jazz Hooves nails and hair


  1. whoa, a non mane 6 or mane 5 pony?!

  2. This better not be another Rockin' Ranger Hitch situation where it's on sale for like three seconds online and never released in stores so you can't even buy it at a 500% markup from scalpers. I'm still salty about that nearly a year later. I keep hoping he will finally be "released" so I can get my grubby mitts on him and his adorable accessories, but as more time passes, it becomes increasingly clear that that ship has sailed. At least I have Hitch (without his iconic sash or adorable flocked hair) from the six-pack, with the possibility of a similar later release since he's a main character (when Hasbro decides to acknowledge him, anyway); this is likely the only time Jazz will get a Fashion Style. I really like her design and don't know what I'd do if I ended up missing out on this set, too.

    1. No, I just bought her at my local Walmart yesterday! The shelves were completely stocked with her

  3. I wish she was the regular 3 inch one still nice to have. Non mane 5 pony I still don't like that they didn't make posey

  4. idk man, i'm very happy to see a non-mane 5 pony of the 6 inch variety considering as far as quality goes i think those ones are by far the best. i am sad to think about how we can't be sure if she'll actually be sold *in* our local stores though honestly. but that being said, if she's being introduced as a toy maybe there's hope for windy!!!

  5. Yeah, I saw her on the trading post. She's cute.

  6. Finally a non mane 5 pony

  7. At last a non mane 5 character

  8. She is so cute! I hope there will be a 6 inch queen haven or posey