New Misty Brightdawn + Rainbow Celebration Appear on Amazon

We start the weekend with a brand new Misty Brightdawn figure that was spotted on Amazon, this time a 3" version as part of the Cutie Mark Magic line. Aside from her, the Rainbow Celebration set is now also available on Amazon US and for good measure we also want to remind you that the Style of the Day ponies are also available.

Starting with the biggest news: a brand new listing for Misty Brightdawn appeared on Amazon for a 3" Cutie Mark Magic version of this new character. She combines a solid multi-colored mane with a curly (brushable) tail and the usual interchangable cutie mark and hoof-to-heart features of Cutie Mark Magic. The total of 16 accessories also includes a handy carry case for the smaller parts, that also functions as a keychain.
She's available right now for $8.99 on Amazon and ships fast, but the current stock is low.

Next we have the Rainbow Celebration set featuring a mix of generation 3, 4 and 5 pony with Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Minty. With the listing it's now confirmed that these are 5.5" tall and a video is also included showing the ponies from all sides.
Whereas the UK listing was priced the equivalent of $85, the US listing got a more reasonable price of $64.99. While it's not a pre-order, the set will ship out later in June, so a little more patience is required.

And finally we have the three Style of the Day ponies, which we already added to the database, but not yet shared that here on the blog. Available are 5.5" tall Misty Brightdawn, Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm ponies with brushable hair and 16 accessories. Included are hair clips and stickers for decorating the ponies, and Pipp even comes with rainbow-colored covers for her wings.
All ponies of this set cost $19.99 each and listings for Pipp and Zipp are directly available, whereas Misty is awaiting a new shipment, though orders can be placed already.


  1. I am So getting misty printed out like this she deserves the love or if she comes out i am gonna buy her. Becuase of her and the accesories

  2. OMG loving misty's mane <3 cant wait for her to be at stores cuz ill be snaching her up :D

  3. I have already placed my order for all, so far have only got the style of the day pipp and zipp. they are worth it and so gorgeous

  4. Misty 's mane reminds me of shaved ice

  5. Multipack just came in the mail. Pretty sure they have the cheap polypropylene hair and it will frizz if you brush it.

    1. Ugh. That sucks. Why can't Hasbro stick with nylon?